Are you self driven? You will not wait for anyone to tell you you can. You believe in God, you believe in yourself. You  quicklyrecognise fearful thoughts as distractors and are able to quickly counter them. What naysayers say does not bother you it fuels you. What bothers you is your standing with God if and when not right, you recognize it and immediately like David of the Bible you repent and move on.
Self- drive may be mistaken for arrogance, but it is not. Infact most self- driven people are very humble. You can only notice it if your self- driven too.
It is empowering to be self- driven. The universe has not a choice but to pave way for the self- driven despite the prevailing circumstances.
Self- driven people make great leaders.. They believe in servant- leadership. They don’t ‘tell the way’ they ‘show the way’
Do you desire to be self- driven? Go for it. Not many are born natural leaders, many work at it and they make a difference in the world.

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